The Project

“Everyone in this country should learn to program a computer, as it teaches you to think.” – Steve Jobs

Having in mind two of the most valuable skills of the 21st century, programming and microcontrollers knowledge, young people should be able to gain basic coding skills, without necessarily being in the techonology area.

Basic programming knowledge is a skill needed in every field discipline nowadays, from social
sciences to business and entrepreneurship. It also helps to develop a whole range of applicable skills in real life, like critical thinking, problem analysis, problem-solving, and logic, essential for today’s labor market.

CodER (2022-2024), the “Escape Rooms for Coding and Microcontrollers” project intends to do exactly as its title suggests; develop educational escape rooms that incorporate programming challenges as an innovative method of increasing young people’s motivation in learning how to code.

To do so, CodER project will offer the following free resources:
i) An introductory module on basic coding and microcontrollers
ii) A methodological and pedagogical guide on the use of Escape Rooms as educational tools
iii) A handbook with Escape Room scenarios, including programming and microcontrollers challenges
iv) An Escape Room Generator that will give the opportunity to design and use a personally modified Escape Rooms